The Peterman Plan

Some things just will not die. The Peterman Plan is one of them.

The Peterman Plan made its first appearance at the Seattle Newbie Picnic in (I think) 2004. As a couple hundred people milled about the picnic grounds at Lower Woodland Park, someone made a discovery that would end up having a surprisingly long-lasting impact. Laying off to the side on a well-word grass pathway was a small booklet, instantly recognizable as a famous Chick Tract, but with a more relevant cover.

What the hell was this?! Word quickly spread through the gathering of this mystifying object, yet with no one rising up to take credit. As it was passed around, many people attempted to pin this clever prank on Carol and me, though I was quick to point out that neither of us possessed the artistic chops necessary to pull off something like this.

I don't remember the exact order of events, but over the next couple weeks, copious quantities of the printed booklet started showing up anywhere burners gathered. And soon enough, the true geniuses behind the ruse revealed themselves and people finally stopped blaming us. They maintained an online version of the Peterman Plan for several years, but like all good things, it eventually faded away. Since I'm periodically asked about the booklet, I thought it best to give it a new online home.

Pretty much every page of the Peterman Plan contains an inside joke that was relevant to the Seattle community in the early 2000s, so if something doesn't make sense, don't worry. You had to be there.